Independent races

Run the world races are indpendent. They are have their own identity and uniqueness.

Quality guarantee

Run the world, respecting the individuality of the organizers and the uniqueness of the races, assures the professionality and the capacity of the organizers to deliver what they promise. If you choose a Run the world race, what you see is what you get.

Local Organizations

Run the world organizers are all local. This assures the best knowledge of the ground, the best possibile logistics and the guarantee of a the price and value, with no intermediaries.

Run The World Concept

In todays economical and poitical scenario of general instability, we assist to a growing number of improvised race organizers and new races, organized without a solid background or with insufficent local support and logistics. As a result, runners often experiece the disdvantages of a poor and not always professinal organization, not rarely they see their race cancelled last minute for unspecified reasons. Run the World groups a selected number of races around the world, meeting some strict quality standards to assure the runners a consistent quality and service.


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RunIceland is a five stage trail running competition set in the Southern part of Iceland.


Carrera de Baja is a splendid running race organized by WWP organization in the southern part of Baja California; Mexico.


165 kilometers in 6 self-sufficient stages to discover the most remote and untouched sands and the highest dunes of the Oman Desert on the tracks of the ancient caravans. From the Oasis of Bidya to the Arabian Sea.


The UTSM aims at offering a positive encounter between a very special natural environment, that of the Montsant Natural Park, the villages in the Natural park, the Montsant inhabitants and the UTSM racers.


Amalfi Coast Trail is a multiple stage trail-running race totalling 82 km and 5600 m of elevation gain, in 5 stages plus a prologue time trial.


As the first in Switzerland, this race is a running trail in stages extended over three days. A race that takes place in our mountains, among pristine trails where nature will offer you impressive and very suggestive sceneries.


The Manaslu Trail Race is a challenging multi-stage trail race passing through some of Nepal’s most beautiful Himalayan landscapes in a part-circumnavigation of Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain.


The first ultra-marathon of Turkey, Lycian Way Ultra Marathon is an international high challenge sports event. The marathon covers approximately 250 kilometers of the 509 kilometers antique Lycian Way. Thus the race course has its unique place among the primary ultra-marathon destinations of the world with its difficulty level and natural and historical beauties. Each day one stage is completed in the 6 stage race. LYUM promises an unforgettable experience for all the experienced and inexperienced competitors. Are you ready to meet your limits?


Are you ready for the first 100 miles race in Turkey?
A brand new adventure begins on July 28-30, 2017! Runfire Salt Lake promises an unforgettable experience on the endless white of Salt Lake for athletes of all levels with 4 different categories.


Hiking the rare Mountain Gorillas and elusive Chimpanzees; trek the impenetrable forest of Bwindi and go on a safari in the majestic Queen Elizabeth National Park.


The MODT it is a useful stage to practice run in the desert and it’ll take place in the most beautiful place of Morocco the “Erg Chebbi” of Merzouga.

Slovenia / Italy

164 km, 5500 D+ –. A perfect ring, starting by the sea, first along the Gulf of Trieste, then to enter the highlands of the Bora wind, to reach the snowy Mount Slavnik, running on the border ridge between Italy and Slovenia, between Slovenia and Croatia


This race showcases the typical Malaysian geographical, social and cultural heritage where the runners will meet and see ordinary Malaysian people and wild lives, flora and fauna in the rural settings with a distinct small town feel.


The MODT it is a useful stage to practice run in the desert and it’ll take place in the most beautiful place of Morocco the “Erg Chebbi” of Merzouga.


Ultra Trail on the tracks of the Cro Magnon, a man that was Running n these labds over 30’000 years ago.
From the mountains to the sea, an amazing trip of 115 km thru Italy and France on the most beautiful tracks of the Alps.
Also other two distance: 80km and 35km.