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UgandaTTT,  as it is called by the organizers; is a unique concept! Imagine tracking the rare Mountain Gorillas and elusive Chimpanzees; trek the impenetrable forest of Bwindi and go on a safari in the majestic Queen Elizabeth National Park. On top of this we added a three-stage trail running race, where adrenaline junkies can tackle the superheats local runners who are eager to prove their skills or experience running at elevation on the steep slopes of Lake Bunyonyi. Uganda is one fantastic country where people are genuinely happy to see you; you will be running through villages or in a national park, whit some of the rangers who will look upon you while some of their colleagues will challenge you on a 10k stage which could be interrupted by elephants at any minute.

We travel by 4×4 minivans and have local guides and expert race manager constantly with you. We sue different kind of accommodations, from guesthouses to top end lodges with a view over The Mountains of the Moon. Part of your experience will also be the interaction with local people, form children to adults. We bring running gear and solidarity, trying to share some of our first world wealth with them. The landscape changes constantly enabling you to experience different aspects of Equatorial Africa. 

The event generates in Entebbe, ne beautiful clinal city on the shores of Lake Victoria.

UgandaTTT generates from a collaboration between WWP Organization and a NoProfit association called GorilladiBaseArtica.