164 km in one stage (single and team), 57 km in one stage, 21 km in one stage,

ultra, ultratrail



We have revolutionized the concept of “100 miles“: in ipertrail makes little sense to speak of km and D +. This, more than being a race, it is a challenge in Resilience. With a capital R.

164 km, 5500 D+ –
A perfect ring, starting by the sea, first along the Gulf of Trieste, then to enter the highlands of the Bora wind, to reach the snowy Mount Slavnik, running on the border ridge between Italy and Slovenia, between Slovenia and Croatia and coming back to Italy on the CAI 3.

A continuous alteration of fast sections, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste and steep paths in the magical and wild beech forests of Slovenia. A trail that embodies all the variety of landscapes and terrain, from the dry limestone and Dolomite to the snowy peaks of Slovenia.

Ipertrail revolutionizes the concept of “autonomy.” The refreshment points are located 20 km one from another, and they consist in a box. In this case competitors will decide what to find: food and drink from a list provided by the organization or equipment food and drink provided by the competitor.

Alone, in autonomy, but always safe. Each competitor will be monitored constantly, 24×24, by satellite by the organization, ready to intervene in case of emergency. A service of rescue satellite call will be available for competitors of the race in order to ensure safety, without altering the spirit of adventure of an extreme challenge as Ipertrail.

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