The best independent races around the world. Run the world experiencing the uniqueness and authenticity of locally organized races, with the quality standards and affordability of a global organization.
2021 Race Calendar
17th April 2021ItalySunset Running Race
01st - 02nd May 2021SpainUltra Trail Serra Montsant
25th June 2021AustriaKaiserkrone
04th July 2021ItalyCRO TRAIL, Raid Cro-Magnon
05th August 2021AustriaKAT100
29th Aug - 04th September 2021IcelandRun Iceland
03d - 05th September 2021AustriaHochkönigman Trailrunningfestival
16th - 26th September 2021FranceEmpeiria Trail
24th SeptemberAustriaNassfeld Mountain SKYTRAILS
23rd - 30th October 2021ItalySicily Volcano Trail
24th Oct - 01st Nov 2021MaroccoMarco Olmo Desert Training
22nd - 29th January 2022Lanzarote-Canarie Island- SpainLanzarote Volcano Trail
Postponed to 2022MaroccoAtlas Mountain Trail
05th - 14th August 2022MongoliaMongolia Trail Run

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More Facts

Run the world with us

World Series Races

Thirteen races around the world, from Mexico to Nepal

Runners Statisfaction

1200 runners participated to our races in the last two years.

Top Locations

The most beautiful places where to run, selected by a local crew with deep knowledge of the area.

Global reputation

Run the world races have global and consolidated reputation among the runners community and on the media

What race is best for you?

Training Camp, Staged Race or UltraTrail? How to choose the perfect race for you!
Training Camp
Training Camp

How to be prepared for a race? Participating to a training camp is the best choice to get ready and embrace the racing experience successfully. Experts will help you to balance all the elements of the racing equation: physical preparation, strategy, management of resources.  

Staged Race
Staged Race

Long distances and stunning scenarios over affordable day runs. A staged race is the best way to coniugate the discovery of a country and to enjoy the nature, with the challenge of racing. Our staged races cover almost all the globe and they are all organized with local communities support.

Ultra Trail
Ultra Trail

Long distances in one single stage: this is the hardest racing solution. Our Ultratrail races, from Brasil to Hungary have all in common three aspects: fantastic scenarios, attention, safety and reliable organization.